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Evernote is a fantastic tool for the mobile user. It works via a web browser, Mac client, Windows client, iPad, iPhone, and many other PDA devices. The information you store on one is synced up to the cloud and back out to your other devices. They offer a free service with limited storage or a low cost ($45 per year) for a larger amount of data per month.

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This is a fantastic way to be able to blog on the fly. WordPress for the iPad and iPhone is very basic but if all you need to do is get the posts out there, it is a good option. I am posting this from my iPad.

I have limited formatting capability. Bold, italics, quotes, underlines, etc. If the goal is to live blog an event, this is perfect. If you want to make fancy edits, you will need the full web interface to make it work.

You can edit posts, pages, and comments. Do not expect to fully manage your site.